What are tigernuts?

Tigernuts are the small root nodules (tubers) that grow at the base of a sedge grass know as Cyperus esculentus. They are widely popular in Spain where they are commonly used to make a sweetened "milk" like beverage known locally as Horchata de Chufa. They are also hugely popular in Ghana & Nigeria, where they are eaten as a snack and like Spain, are used to make "tigernut milk", also referred to locally in Nigeria as Kunnu Aya.

Why are most of your product made with Tigernut extract?

Just fifteen plant crops provide ninety percent of the world's food energy intake, with rice, maize, and wheat comprising 2/3 of human food consumption. These three are the staples of about eighty percent of the world population, and rice feeds almost half of humanity. Its generally not a good idea for the world to be dependant on such a narrow range of crops, which is just one of the reasons why we are promoting the inclusion of the humble Tigernut into everyday products. The other reason of course is because of its unique flavour and nutritional profile.

Who manufactures your products?

We do. Unlike many brands today, we manufacture our own products in house at our own production facility in Valencia, Spain.

Where are your brand products sold?

At present, our products are sold at independent retailers across Spain. Please visit our brand websites for details on where you can buy our products.

I would like to stock your products, do you sell to other businesses ?

Most of our sales are business to business, and we welcome enquiries from new potential stockists. Feel free to get in touch via our contacts page or via email at: hello@tigerandbean.com

Do you have an environmental impact or social impact policy?

We have an environmental and social impact policy that covers our own operations and separate impact policy that we issue to our supplies that we encourage them to follow too. If you would like to receive a copy of our policy documents please contact us at: hello@tigerandbean.com